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28th of October, 2015.


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...real-time strategy. | status: active. | engine: RTS4DS(NDS). | due: 2015.


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2D real-time strategy for NintendoDS.

After intense development, finally the new RTS from Violation Entertainment titled Ulterior Warzone is getting closer to being in the hands of Nintendo DS players. With countless features and massive variety, providing plenty of structures and units under your control, three factions with full campaigns that will demand many, many hours of real-time gameplay. It is, without a doubt, the biggest war on the DS.

To lay to rest that we are alone, even in our own neighbourhood of our galaxy, a science vessel resides in the ulterior of Daljabah. A craft from another system, indeed the very cause of the valley's formation. For many hundred millennia it had been set in the Earth, unknown of by our species, until one day a young scientist discovers this buried object. Enemy forces will risk everything to be the first to study, use and own the radical alien technology, with unimaginable consequences. It's up to you to command your force to victory and form the fate of your entire species forever.

Based in the prequel Ulterior universe along with Shadowing Hate, with great new features to help bring a massive amount of variety and atmosphere to RTS lovers. Some of these features include responsive enemy and ally AI, screen swapping touchscreen controls with box selection and custom hotkeys, as well as unlimited integrated cinematic ability and audio system for unit speech and music score. The graphics are completely composed of high-detail 3D art with complex and lavish special effects so to retain a consistent perception of depth and proper shadow and highlight with metallic and lighting effects throughout the game.


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