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28th of October, 2015.


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...first-person shooter. | status: inactive. | engine: current. | due: TBA.


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First-person shooter.

Shadowing Hate is a futuristic total conversion game project from Violation Entertainment using the Doom 3 engine, focusing on bringing an entirely new gaming experience to Doom 3/Quake 4 players, straying from demons and zombies, it will no longer be visually recognisable as Quake 4. It will have a variety of different environments and features using a different approach to detail. The project will also have a high-detail release, containing the original high-resolution textures and models.

It is dark times nearing the mid-21st century. The world has betrayed you like countless others. You are alone and have faced death several times before, only this time you know it's an ultimate truth, you are seen as an enemy and captured by UC forces. After many months in detention you are clinically observed and quietly handed over to the secretive AECE division at their request, with your only alternative option being that you are forcibly enlisted in their HALops program as their new key operative. Cybernetically modified with biomechanical and computerised implants, you now serve under the control of the AECE who have the power to end your life at the touch of a key. You step into the boots of this elite operative, under the control of a secretive military division, sent on a mission to uncover, steal from and devastate the most advanced enemy robotics and weapons development and production sites on the planet, stepping into a bigger malignant political enigma under which all suffer. Your adversaries are strong and deep, yet your ultimate enemy may be yourself.

The project will include a mix of stealth and tactics built upon the quality action gameplay of the original game, pushing limits further to allow for populated areas spanning many different open-area environments. The project will also of course make use of teamplay multiplayer, allied NPC singleplayer co-op and some vehicles including controllable bots. The player will make use of extended skills and "augmentation" abilities to enhance your capabilities in maps that cater to these abilities, but at a cost of physical detriment and disturbing psychological breakdowns.



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