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28th of October, 2015.


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...futuristic racing. | status: inactive. | engine: current. | due: TBA.


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Futuristic racing.

"It's time once again for the Chaos Circuits Championship, proudly brought to you by the Zero-Fear Racing Association. This particular tournament is very special because for the first time we see proud reigning development giants Nyketi, Rezko, Aceon and Cydev go head-to-head, all signed-up and willing to battle it out over half a dozen wonderful planets. All of these corporations have had recent specific technological breakthroughs and all of these racing locations have been fully redesigned and polished especially for this event, as well as some great new surprises in store for longtime fans. Spectators and sponsorship is at a record high this time to ensure it's to be the best CC championship in its entire history."

Chaos Circuits is a futuristic racing game currently using the Quake III Arena (idTech3) engine. We're focusing on very rich varieties of styles and designs, atmospheres and environments for the player to race and battle through. The gameplay is focused on high speed stunts and manoeuvres, combined with weapon attacks and battle tactics, in vicious and explosive races, to the finish line or to complete destruction. There are numerous types of play methods planned, with Championships, Orb challenge, Annihilation, Head-to-Head, Time trials and of course customisable multiplayer, LAN and online. Massive selection of crafts, weapons and racing environments, with many different themes and configurable aspects like time of day lighting and special effects weather conditions. The full product will also ship with an in-game editor and tools enabling the player to create their own tracks and use custom content.



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